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Smartphone technology for the real life superhero

Posted by ipdesign on 11/3/11 12:59 PM

If we’ve learned anything from comic books and super heroes, it’s that balancing two identities can be difficult. Balancing the love life of Clark Kent and Superman’s world-saving ventures has to be a nightmare. Carrying around multiple cell phones to help keep your work life and personal life distinct can be much the same way. If you’ve ever felt a little like you’re wearing Batman’s utility belt when you get suited up for a hard day of emailing, calling and living life, a new technology is about to help you out.

Called “dual persona technology,” a smartphone can effectively divide your corporate and personal identities on the samedevice. The new technology, being developed my multiple tech companies, will hit the marketplace soon, according to an article at Discovery News.

Download a game on the personal side of your device, and the malware it contains won’t be able to compromise your entire company on the corporate side of the device.

Give one phone number to family and friends; give another to your prospects and coworkers. They will both go to the same phone.

This software could eliminate MUCH of the headache of living the life of a personal-life/work-life superhero such as yourself.

If you struggle juggling two to three phones and balancing a work and personal life, do you anticipate this being a helpful tool?

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